Duo and solo shows

Everything will be customized on site if necessary!

The Blacksmith

A small intimate performance, where the fire passes by with all its facets.
After a day of hard work, he dozes in his smithy sleep…
In his dream he awakens in his fantasy;
that one big assignment… the forging of a sword for the king!
that one big wish… his fire skills in a circus!
his greatest fear… the fire turns against him!
his greatest passion… working with fire!
The smithy fantasies are lifelike! He will let you feel the magical warmth, the brilliance and the power of the fire…
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Torro de Cirque

A spectacular fire show about the impermanence (transience) of the circus. A garland of time that ignites fire spots. Dramatic, chaotic, exciting… In the dark silence of the mysterious track appears a figure; fire artist Torro! Subdued in his stream of thoughts, he looks at his beloves track… His love for the circus will never disappear. Charmed by his dreamworld, the reality of today and the magic with the audience, he will once again stir up the fire within…
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Tadari’s fairy tale

Something with ‘Once upon a time…’, ‘Good and evil’, ‘They lived happily ever after’. An accessible fairy tale for young and old…
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Pure Fire

A fire show back to basic with 1 or 2 fire artists. Without fuss but with flames that (will) scare you. Many disciplines from the fire arts will be discussed successively. These shows can be fully adapted to the wishes of the customer.
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