Magic fire shows

Everything will be customized on site if necessary!


Visual fire theater where the robust power, but also the unbridled beauty of the fire is central…
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Puerta de la Luna

Once, long ago, the magical fire of Puerta de la Luna burned high above the land… until evil put the moon in the dark and everyone fled, except the moon servants. Now there is silence and only the sounds of fire didge translate the silent memories of the remaining moon servants… Somewhere in the distance one hears a group of travelers coming from the gate.
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Cirque Bizarre de Feu

Macaber mobile circus
A fiery ringmaster ignites the marionette in his arena. Surrounded by a sea of flames, her soul awakens… Magistrally breathtaking theatrical spectacle!
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Fire of Silence

Gate of Passion
An intimate performance where mutual passion for fire is central! A silence performance in which the magical flames of two fire artists and the cacophony of the sound by the forces of fire will bring a surprising effect… At walking events, longest night, etc. Possibly in silence…
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Luna Cuore Sole

Magically visual fire theater
The moon and the sun are connected to eachother. Central to the earth symbolicaly the heart. Meditative visual theater with two fire artists, with different fire disciplines and fire images.
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Breathtakingly beautiful and heart-warming
Continuous Fire Theater. Performing from a gazebo, two fire-artists will light and extinguish a fire garden with big and small fires. Meditative visual theater with different fire disciplines and fiery sculptures.
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Passionele vlammen

Weddings, anniversaries, openings, closing parties, parties
Especially for weddings we have developed a heartwarming and ardent performance for the end of the party. Your heart is literally on fire! This performance consists of a number of fire disciplines. There is a possibility that you yourself participate in the performance. At the end there is plenty of opportunity , in a safe way, to take unique photos with the still burning text / logo on the background.
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