Marc Geraads

From his childhood on the alliance with the circus, the nostalgic fairground and the theater has played an important role in the life of Marc. His passion for fire originated at the Passion Play (Passiespelen) in Tegelen in 1999 and is now the main theme in Marc’s life. Starting with his teachers in Zealand, Rob Maaskant en Cor de Lange; he becomes a true fire artist.

Over the years his company has become a more broadly oriented enterprise, specializing in working with fire. Fire-artist distinguishes itself by combining different forms of theater, acrobatics and event styling with our fire acts. Marc has made his mark as fire-artist both at home and abroad. Many people have enjoyed his strength as a fire artist!

Marc is also connected to the company of Rob Maaskant, which he has been frequently on tour with as a fire-artist. Marc also has played a part in the movie ‘Circada’ by Rob Maaskant.
Frequently he has worked in various projects with Cees Rullens, director. Dinner shows are also not unknown territory for him, as are his acrobatic acts.

Marc is also certified in making objects fire retardant, think of costumes, theater curtains, etc. Also Fire-artist will always, in the interest of the client, check the location and if necessary, take appropriate action. Safety is paramount!

Besides working with fire, Marc worked for many years as a teacher at a youth theater and he has participated in a wide range of professional productions varying from theater to film.

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