Theater/Walking Acts/Shows

Our performances / shows / acts can always be adapted to the game site. If necessary the location will be previously explored in order to make a correct assessment of the possibilities. In consultation with the customer we will create a suitable concept.
The construction time is very dependent on the size of the contract and will always be discussed. Safety is our very top priority and before the start of each job an estimation willbe made.
We work only with professional fire artists!

Fire walls, fire doors and shade screens

Max. width 30 meters
Min. width 3 meters

Fire images operating on gas

Moon/zon: section 1.00 meter, tripod 2.50 / 3.00 meters
Throne: width 2.00 meters, depth 2 meters, height 3,5 meters
Mobile: width 2.5 meter, length 4 meters, height 2,5 meters

Range fire, fire gun

Ask for the possibilities!

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