Illuminate with fire/Torchlight processions/Special effects

Everything will be customized on site if necessary!

Illuminate with fire

Live fire as decoration for your event
Illuminating paths through various high, low, large, small fires, pot or lantern lighting. Large fiery sculptures working on gas (moon, sun, heart, throne) and effect flames. Also possible on water or when lighting up buildings. Our range is very large, ask for the possibility and we will make an appropriate proposal for you.

Torchlight processions

From a Carré setup 2 fire artists in style, will hand out torches to the participants. In the Carré area fire disciplines will be shown. Several possibilities (up to 300 torches).

Letters/logos on fire

Your logo or name on fire, then you have come to the right place!

Special Effects

For large productions we can add additional effects such as smoke, explosions, snow machines, fire walls, pyres and fire cannons for you. Ask for the possibilities.

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